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Artwork for SPN_Gen_BigBang 2014 story 'Side B'

I had stopped trying to challenge any BigBang after spn_reversebang. However when I saw the post at spn_gen_bigbang, I thought 'why not one more?'

So here is my probably last artwork challenge to spn_gen_bigbang 2014. I got so excited to work with chiiyo86 who you all knew already is one of great authors among this fandom.
While I read RPS, as for SPN I rather prefer Gen story and I really love AU story. It was fun to extend my albeit little imagination for drawing. However as I began to start drawing before she sent me the finished story, all my drawings are featured the early of story except the front cover artwork. I should have done some more but as I'm very slow to finish drawing I didn't have time I'm afraid... Which I owe her huge apologies...

To her story 'Side B' , HERE


click to enlarge

This is supposed to be the front cover for the story. I imagined Mary Winchester as a kind of Sarah Conner, badass mother. Honestly I don't think Mary should loose her hair when fighting though, lol. Dean in this story is a bit younger than actual show so I featured him a sort of Alec from Dark Angel. That's why his hair is longer than Dean we know. As for Sam I mixed some of younger Jared's image.

The next is a scene from the opening of the story.

“Heard a noise.” She leaned against the doorframe, her gun hand falling against her side and between the folds of her nightgown.


click to enlarge

This is a scene where Dean showed up Sam's dorm room. My first thought was using a cap of dark silhouette from 'Pilot' and Photoshopping, but I dismissed the idea, for my Dean here has a longer hair. Besides I pictured height difference between Sam and Dean here was less than Jensen and Jared.


click to enlarge

It may be a bit spoiler, they're Bill Harville,


click to enlarge

And Vivian Walker, sister of Gordon Walker.


click to enlarge

Bill's image is somehow based on James Read who chiiyo86 envisioned. Vivian's is my idea. When I read her story, Lyndie Greenwood of 'Sleepy Hollow' came to my mind for Vivian Walker. 'Sleepy Hollow' is my latest favourite tv show and I'm fond of her acting and portrayal of Jenny Mills, kickass younger sister.

Here is the story chapters. The font I used is Bad Grunge downloaded at dafont.com.

chapter 1
chapter 2
chapter 3

All the drawings is done by;
*Pilot Black Ink
*Comic White
*G pen
*Round pen
*Maxon and IC screen tones
On Muse papi KMK Kent 200. Retouch are done by Photoshop Elements 12.
Font for 'Side B' of the front cover is Shut'Em Down downloaded at dafont.com.

My big thanks goes to chiiyo86 for her amazing patience and kindness. It's a great pleasure to work with her!

And my another thanks goes to spn_gen_bigbang mods for running and managing this project!

Hope you'll enjoy them.

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