Artwork for SPN_Gen_BigBang 2014 story 'Side B'

I had stopped trying to challenge any BigBang after spn_reversebang. However when I saw the post at spn_gen_bigbang, I thought 'why not one more?'

So here is my probably last artwork challenge to spn_gen_bigbang 2014. I got so excited to work with chiiyo86 who you all knew already is one of great authors among this fandom.
While I read RPS, as for SPN I rather prefer Gen story and I really love AU story. It was fun to extend my albeit little imagination for drawing. However as I began to start drawing before she sent me the finished story, all my drawings are featured the early of story except the front cover artwork. I should have done some more but as I'm very slow to finish drawing I didn't have time I'm afraid... Which I owe her huge apologies...

To her story 'Side B' , HERE


click to enlarge

This is supposed to be the front cover for the story. I imagined Mary Winchester as a kind of Sarah Conner, badass mother. Honestly I don't think Mary should loose her hair when fighting though, lol. Dean in this story is a bit younger than actual show so I featured him a sort of Alec from Dark Angel. That's why his hair is longer than Dean we know. As for Sam I mixed some of younger Jared's image.

The next is a scene from the opening of the story.

“Heard a noise.” She leaned against the doorframe, her gun hand falling against her side and between the folds of her nightgown.


click to enlarge

This is a scene where Dean showed up Sam's dorm room. My first thought was using a cap of dark silhouette from 'Pilot' and Photoshopping, but I dismissed the idea, for my Dean here has a longer hair. Besides I pictured height difference between Sam and Dean here was less than Jensen and Jared.


click to enlarge

It may be a bit spoiler, they're Bill Harville,


click to enlarge

And Vivian Walker, sister of Gordon Walker.


click to enlarge

Bill's image is somehow based on James Read who chiiyo86 envisioned. Vivian's is my idea. When I read her story, Lyndie Greenwood of 'Sleepy Hollow' came to my mind for Vivian Walker. 'Sleepy Hollow' is my latest favourite tv show and I'm fond of her acting and portrayal of Jenny Mills, kickass younger sister.

Here is the story chapters. The font I used is Bad Grunge downloaded at dafont.com.

chapter 1
chapter 2
chapter 3

All the drawings is done by;
*Pilot Black Ink
*Comic White
*G pen
*Round pen
*Maxon and IC screen tones
On Muse papi KMK Kent 200. Retouch are done by Photoshop Elements 12.
Font for 'Side B' of the front cover is Shut'Em Down downloaded at dafont.com.

My big thanks goes to chiiyo86 for her amazing patience and kindness. It's a great pleasure to work with her!

And my another thanks goes to spn_gen_bigbang mods for running and managing this project!

Hope you'll enjoy them.


Artwork for spn_reversebang story 'Best In Show'

Art Title: Best In Show
Author: raise_the_knife To the Story: AO3
Fandom/Genre: RPS, Romance, Humour
Pairing(s): J2
Rating: PG
Medium: Watercolour pencil, Pilot black ink, Comic white, G pen, Round pen, Photoshop CS2
Prompt: A cat show newbie Jared Padalecki goes to a big cat show hoping some
win for his Maine Coon boy kitten, but he gains more: friendship and the beginning of relationship.

click to enlarge

Welcome to the world of the Cat Show!

This is my first challenge to spn_reversebang 2014. After submitting my rough draft and prompt, I realized that my idea was tough and quite a challenge. Because while I know things about a cat show as a long-time show exhibitor since 1997, people in general have no idea what a cat show is, let alone, in fandom. So I had expected no one would pick up my prompt...
So you can imagine my surprise and joy when dear brave raise_the_knife has chosen my prompt! My huge gratitude and KUDOS go to her taking a challenge then turning it to wonderful, lovely story!! *standing ovation*

Though I believe raise_the_knife's story gives you a feeling of a cat show, I think a cat show is like a convention with kitty. They hold a cat show almost over every weekend in the whole world. And like a convention, no one bat their eye or stare you weirdly because you talk about your kitty whole day. Sounds familiar?

Speaking of my artwork, Jared with Maine Coon came first to my mind. Maine Coon is the biggest domestic cat of purebred and known to people-friendly, goofy and 'Gentle Giant.' His kitten, Silver Bullet is based on my own Black Silver Classic Tabby Maine Coon boy, RW,SGC/GC,GP,RW WILLIAMINA SILVER BULLET.

young Silver Bullet

Adult Bullet:

adult Bullet

I thought Bengal might be a cat for Jensen however I don't own any and know a little so I decided his was Bombay. Bombay was human-made breed, produced in '70s by Nikki Horner. His Maverick is based on my Bombay boy, RW,SGC/CH,GP STANLEY MAVERICK.


Sphynx should be Misha's cat, for in my very humble opinion, most people find them not cute or pretty... I drew her based on a picture of BARECATS MADAME MAGGIE, 2nd Best Seal Mink Tortie &White Sphynx of 2007-2008 in TICA, owned by Nathalie Woodman.

Here is chapters and dividers;













I couldn't decide which one would be suitable so I made a couple of them...

I usually don't colour my drawing('cause I'm bad at) and still am a beginner of Photoshop, it was challenging, especially colouring rosette ribbon gold by PhotoShop. But it was fun! I should get along with PS more, not avoiding, lol.

Credit goes to;
Jensen: Our talented photographer, elsiecat
Jared, Misha: Found them from several sites. Let me know if you know who took.
All cats' belong to me and each photographers, Tetsu Yamasaki, Toshihiko Igawa, Chanan aka Richard Katris. No use or reproduce without permission.

If you're interested in a cat show, you should check them;

TICA(The International Cat Associations.Inc)

CFA(Cat Fanciers Associations.Inc)

Again, thank raise_the_knife for creating a wonderful story!

Last but not the least, thank Mods of spn_reversebang for running and organaizing this amazing challenge!

I just hope you all enjoy my work. :D

In loving memory of Carat(1994-November 8, 2013), our first show solid black cat...



Artwork for Spn_J2 BigBang 2013 story 'Ways of Communication'

Here is my second artwork challenge to spn_j2_bigbang 2013. I was really honoured to work with lovely jiru_jiru_chan's story this year. While I don't think my drawings is spoiler but I strongly urge to read her story Ways of Communication first.

click to enlarge

This is supposed front cover for the story. Dean in this drawing was the first image came up to my mind during reading her story. I was thinking of 'worry-faced' Sam here however while I like Sam's such an expression I wanted him to be more determined, never give-up attitude.

The second is supposed boys under starry night sky. Mixed with some picture I found the net.

click to enlarge

Third drawing may be a bit spoiler.

click to enlarge

This drawing was done at the last minute. I had a different rough sketch and showed Jill, however when I finished it it turned out pretty bad and I didn't like the result. I just wanted to draw Aradia, the brothers' new kitten, that's why I'd done the replacement. Sorry Jill. I hope you'll be ok with it...

click to enlarge

And this is Aradia from the sketch I ditched. I prefer drawing animals.

click to enlarge

Here is the story chapter. The credits got to the person who upload the picture to the net. Thank you!


This is my image for Shadow. Kitten in picture is one of my cats Roger who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 3. He was almost 18 years old. I still miss him lot...

click to enlarge

All the drawings is done by;
*Pilot Black Ink
*Comic White
*G pen
*Round pen
*Maxon and IC screen tones
On Muse papi KMK Kent 200. Adding letters, logo and retouch are done by Photoshop CS2 and GIMP 2, PhotoScape.
Font for the chapter is Silent Reaction downloaded at dafont.com.

The last but not the least, my big thanks goes to jiru_jiru_chan for her patience and kindness. It's so wonderful and enjoyable to work with her! And my another thanks goes to spn_j2_bigbang mods for running and managing this big project again!

I really hope you enjoy them.
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Calling all SPN fan artists...(and all art-loving fans)

Originally posted by digitic at Calling all SPN fan artists...(and all art-loving fans)
Originally posted by digitic at Calling all SPN fan artists...(and all art-loving fans)
Originally posted by angels_trap at Calling all SPN fan artists...(and all art-loving fans)
"Sockboy", scammer and now this. What the hell is wrong with people?!

Originally posted by denig37 at Calling all SPN fan artists...(and all art-loving fans)
Originally posted by bt_kady at Calling all SPN fan artists...

There's another group at Facebook whose owner is posting fanart without crediting the artists. If it bothers you as much as it does me, go take a look and help try to get them stopped.

Here's the link to the group's main page. You might want to look through the photos there to see if she's posted any of your stuff without credit.

EDIT by digitic: Seriously?! What the everloving fuck?!
It's not fucking rocket science:
1. If you didn't make it, you DON'T POST IT!
2. If you post it CREDIT and the add SOURCE!
3. If you can't find the name to credit or don't have a source then you DON'T FUCKING POST IT!

Please repost my dear friends and report the page/posts/pictures, FB policy is not on fanartist's side (imagine it's your fic being reposted on FB without you/your name even being mentioned, it's plagiarism). Spread the word so as many people know about these thieves as it's possible. I saw stuff stolen from many artists on this site, people like smut_slut, lightthesparks or petite_madame and many many more (a lot of people from devianart and tumblr too), check out if you can't see your own stuff or stuff made by some of your friends, demand to take it all down or post with crediting!
This is simply disgusting!
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Bullet@Hotel Montley

Singin' in The Rain

Title: Singin' in The Rain
Movie Prompt: Singin' in The Rain
Characters: Jared, Jensen, Misha, Mark Pellegrino
Rating: PG?
Summery: In early Hollywood era, a movie star Jared Padalecki's life turns upside down by two things- One: the invention of 'talkies.' Two: shy understudy Jensen Ackles.

Medium: Black ink(Pilot's), G-pen, Round pen, Art White, IC Screen Tones.

For Jensen's picture, credit goes to elsiecat. Her great picture is truly blessing!
And I borrowed several screencaptures for Misha and Mark from Supernatural Fans Online.

Notes: I wasn't going to participate in the challenge this year due to lack of idea. However it seems Universe had different idea because I was struck by some idea the other day... and here I am again.

Singin' in The Rain is one of my all time favourites and if you're familiar with the movie I think you may get idea for who's which character...(I hope so!) Drawing Jared's Don is hardest part this time, for I always have difficult time with drawing him, and I rather aimed his smile for public, plastic one which I'm still not certain for getting it right...
Oh, I also didn't draw their suits to be suitable for era, which I guess you can get it from seeing them.

A little progress this time is using Photoshop CS2 for finishing up! Yay!! I know it's not a big deal to you all but to me it's like a silent film turnning to a talkie! I wanted to colour my drawing but didn't have enough time before posting date, so I'll deal with it later along with other drawing I cannot finish this time.

Anyway I hope you'll enjoy it! :D


Click to enlarge



Title: Nighthawks
Movie Prompt: NIGHTHAWKS
Characters: Jensen, Misha
Rating: G or PG?
Medium: Black ink(Pilot's), G-pen, Round pen, Art White, IC Screen Tones.

Notes: I planned to choose a film which was NOT Rutger Hauer's this time. However when I was thinking of the story of Nighthawks, the scene where New York undercover cop played by Sylvester Stallone 'in drag for a carefully planned sting operation' (quoted from Wikipedia) freezed my brain.


That's how I ended up choose another Rutger's film for the 2nd challenge of spn_cinema. I wanted the drawing was comical and somehow ridiculous but I'm not certain of the result. Just hoping against hope you'll enjoy it.

Many thanks goes to Supernatural Fans Online for the screencap of Castiel and raloria for Dean's screencap. *huggles*


Click to full size

Loxley with Albion

Night And Day

Title: Night And Day
Artist: wataru_kisugi
Movie Prompt: LADYHAWKE
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Medium: Pilot Black ink, Comic White, Maxon and IC screen tones on Muse papi KMK Kent 200. I'm very old-fanshion gal LOL.

Artist's Notes: Ladyhawke is the first movie I fell in love with pretty hard. Guess my seeing it over 30 times at the theatre might indicate how much I gone crazy, not to mention I also own videotapes(NTSC and PAL), laser disc and dvd... *grin*

Anyway, I was going to pick up my favourite scene for an artwork at first. However thinking of the character of Isabeau, I just didn't want to draw her as being some damsel in distress because she isn't. She has survived those harsh years without help from anyone other than her wolf/lover and if she were not some kick-ass girl fighter I doubt she was able to last such a long time.
Well, that's the reason the drawing of Isabeau!Dean turned out. I really am fond of this particular promotion still of Dean, for he somehow reminds me of Isabeau.

As for Navarre!Sam, his determined face and attitude is suitable for Navarre's character as well as his strong physique. I think he will looks fabulous in those black attire.

I wanted to practice some before actual drawing began however all I could manage was doing some work over weekend. I know I'm out of practice, wished I had more time...
But I have had a fun time during the work. I just hope against hope you enjoy them.

Click to full size

Click to full size


The Four Of Cups

Here is what I've done of late after BigBang 2010 artworks. A friend of mine in past read the tarot so I'm always interested in those 'magical' card.

I'm glad I was able to take part in this special project at The Winchester Arcana.

The drawing I did for is called The Four Of Cups-Contrarily, the stillness in the four cups represents stagnation, a status quo in a relationship that brings dissatisfaction and boredom. A man sitting under a tree with three cups is offered a fourth by a hand from a cloud. This is the "grass is greener" card. The relationship, once so fresh and exciting, is no longer moving or changing or growing, and the Querent, depressed and restless, begins to wonder if the grass might not be greener elsewhere.
This card is also about over-indulgence in drink, food, drugs, sex, even internet chat rooms, looking for stimulation. It is all too easy to turn to such things when depressed or bored.

Their suggestion for this card is Dean Smith. It's kinda difficult to draw for me, 'cause while Dean Smith is Dean, he doesn't have the same expression of Dean Winchester. Also I usually do Black&White ONLY(because my colouring suck), it's indeed a challenge. Phew! Hope you enjoy it. :D

Click to enlarge

Artwork for SPN_J2 BigBang story 'UNMAKING'

I'm always a reader, never take part in, so even after I signed up for and have done as of today, I still feel very nervous...

Anyway, here is my artworks for SPN_J2_BigBang Challenge 2010 story UNMAKING by faithburke. Since the most of drawings may be a kind of spoiler, so I urge to read her story first. Because it's awesome and very enjoyable, great story! When I received her draft, I just couldn't stop reading till the end. It is well-depicted and I had no trouble to picture the scene.


However as you may notice, if only I could've pulled out what I could picture in my head! *headdesk* So.... I just hope against hope my artworks don't ruin her story, for it never be my intention at all.

click to enlarge

So did you all finish to read? Good! And welcome back here! :D

As you could see, the above one is one of BigBang artworks. I personally call it 'spoiler-free version of front cover,' but tagged it as back cover. I had more simple idea for a back cover but I have a tendency to add more and more, well... :(
You can see bigger size to click a drawing.

This one is for title(front cover). I think this idea came to me first. I was thinking of adding YED or any demon figure here but decided not to.

click to enlarge. Sorry it's about 975KB size

It's for the scene when Dean meets young Missori. I finally figure out my scanner hate me!

click to enlarge

This is Lilith in a little girl meat suit. Tabitha suggested me a very young Keshia Knight Pullam of Cosby show(which it's never aired in my country) for a image of a little girl. I used some of her pictures from various sites but tried not to copy entirely.

click to enlarge

For A scene where the Archangel Michael is in Dean, standing in a ring of fire, suggested by faithburke. *facepalm* I just blame my lack of skill.

click to enlarge

They're for chapter.

Divider. Guess John's journal and beer are Dean's dear friends in this story.

Except chapters, all the drawings is done by;
*Comic Black Ink
*Comic White
*G pen
*Round pen
*My right hand along with left hand
*Maxon and IC screen tones
On Muse papi KMK Kent 200. Adding letters, logo and retouch are done by JTrim v1.53 and GIMP 2.
Title fonts are Anderson Thunderbirds Are Go! and Nightstalker from dafont.com

For chapter, Colt's screen cap is from Screencap Paradise. Adding logo is done by LOGO! Version 7.51.

Last but not least, my huge gratitude go to faithburke, for her great story and huge tolerance with my snail-paced, (almost)never-ending progress of artwork!

xbreakyourheart, for her believing in me and moral support!

ckll, killerweasel, layne67, for helping me to locate young Jim's picture!

And THANK YOU wendy and thehighwaywoman for organizing SPN_J2_BigBang 2010, giving me a big chance! *Hugs*
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Challenge 2: A Dean-focused SCHMOOPFEST!

A Dean-focused SCHMOOPFEST!

Know I should have finished my BigBang artworks, but just cannot resist... *facepalm*

Dean in Season 1 hardly sheds tear unlike other seasons, but I'd love if there is the scene where Dean confess Sam he doesn't want to die on night before they see 'Healer' in Nebraska.

It is done by good ol' pen and ink, several Maxon's screen tones, comic white. GIMP2 for some final touches.

Click to enlarge.